Papas' Mastering the Art of Traditional Greek Cooking

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271 traditional true and tested recipes. Full color and black and white illustrations by world famous artist Bill Papas (no relation to the authors) to help the new and seasoned cook with preparation. The book is filled with abundance of culinary information on ingredients, cooking methods and techniques.
The recipes reflect Traditional Greek Cuisine which is vibrant, tasty and full of flavor (Nostimia). It is simple and complex. Very healthy in the use of olive oil, olives (Greece ranked #1 per capita in the world of these ingredients). Whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, lots of seafoods, herbs, spices and less red meat and fatty processed ingredients.

We have included classic and new recipes broadening the use of traditional ingredients representing a wide spectrum of traditional recipes.
A lot of emphasis on Mezethes (Appetizers) Pites ( savory and sweet pies) and grilling. Very important in Greek Cuisine.

Included are many vegetarian, vegan and some gluten free recipes for the many Fasting days in the Greek Orthodox calendar.

This is not a trendbut a way of life.
The book is an ambassador to the culinary world for the Greek Cuisine.
It belongs in every home.

"...To βιβλιο το οποιο ομολογουμενως παρουσιαζει με καποι ενδιαφεπον.
Εχει γραφτει με κεφι, εχει μια νοσταλγια για την Ελλεδα, μια περιλαμβανει
σθνταγες Ελληνικες..."
The book that the authors present has merit. It has been written with
understanding and a nostalgia of the Traditional Greek Cuisine..."

Ηλιας Μαμαλακης (Elias Mamalakis)
Cook book author, magazine food writer, TV cooking host, lecturer and chef.

"I have over 30 Greek cook books this one is always on my kitchen counter."
Cleo Maletis former Mrs America.