How olives become olive oil

Posted by George Papas on 1/14/2018 to News
How olives become olive oil
This time of the year is the time where the olives are picked or they have been picked and taken to the processing plant to extract the oil. I am going to go through the steps required to finish the process.

1: The olives are picked from the tree using many ways.

2: The olives are cleaned removing any leaves, branches, dirt and washed in a water bath so all the heavy unwanted particles will sink to the bottom.

3: Then the olives are taken to be crushed to create a paste. Crushing the olives is done by different methods. This is done to release the oil from the vacuoles.

4: Mixing the past for 25 to 50 minutes in a horizontal trough with spiral mixing blades. There are other ways such as heat or water is added during this step but longer mixing and heating or adding water increases the yield but lowers the quality of the oil.

5: Separating the oil from the water and solids is done by centrifugation. This is done by steps. First the speed is medium the oil separates from the water and goes to a separate tank from the water the speed is increased ro remove any water left in the mixture.

6: The oil can be filtered or left alone so the solid particles in time will sink to the bottom.